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chromium carbide wear resistant steel plate broad market

chromium carbide overlay plate has been widely used in metallurgy, cement, coal, power plant, material handing and other industries. In 2009, each industry output is cement 16.5 hundred million tons, iron & steel 5.678 hundred million tons, coal 22 hundred million tons, high mining production capacity and port handling capacity provides a broad market for the development and use of wear resistant materials.

Raw materials production has the characteristics of certain work-flows, generally, materials processing, handling and transportation can reach several times than products themselves during production, for example, cement industry reached 3 times than itself. So there is very heavy materials processing, handling and transportation work, and wear resistant materials market prospects should be optimistic, thus widely applications of chromium carbide welding plates should be a great concerns to steel plate users.

With the era of low-carbon economy and further implement of energy saving,environmental protection, large scale production policy, application of chromium carbide wear resistant steel plate shall have a lot of room for growth.


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