How to choose a suitable chromium carbide plate

You want to buy chromium carbide plate,chances are that you will encounter too many choices, As some established brands like Vautid boast their product’s quality but at a much higher price, and those Chinese sellers brag about their unbeatable price.

Firstly please remember the chromium carbide plates are consumables, the quality difference is reflected mostly on the service life. Yes, higher end chromium carbide plate last a little longer, but by what margin? Not as much as you would like. because after reach a certain level, marginal benefit is diminishing rapidly. so for these customers that buy chromium carbide plate for self-use, We recommend  the middle range chromium carbide plate, as the technology is the most mature, which ensures low cost and reliable performance. And for those who want better specifications, we can interest you with our extremely high chrome content chromium carbide plate which the chrome content is as high as 30%-32%.


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