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Good wear resistant material is important to safe production

How to choose good wear resistant material according to the wear parts wear characteristics is the premise to achieve safe, reliable, durable, economic effect of a wear resistant steel material, but also the key technology for the production of wear-resistant parts.

We should realize the wear characteristics of wear parts before we choose wear resistant materials, according to the use conditions of their company wear-resistant parts, high hardness Cr cast iron, medium chromium cast iron are available, we also can choose the high strength and high toughness wear-resistant alloy steel, high hardness bimetallic chromium carbide overlay plate, etc. After this, we should optimized the component design by combining wear-resistant parts structure characteristics and technical requirements, and strive to achieve accurate control of composition, reduce the fluctuation range.

As for high chromium cast iron castings, the optimization design of the carbon content (at eutectic point or near the eutectic point ) is important, the silicon content is increased than GB (1.2%-1.3%), add the relevant trace alloy elements, using the furnace modification process,  can significantly refine the grain size, can improve eutectic carbides distribution, morphology, harden-ability, wear resistance ability, also can decrease molybdenum, nickel, copper and other valuable elements in high chromium cast iron, in order to reduce the cost of production.

As everyone knows, the silicon is easy to dissolve in the matrix organization, and can effectively improve casting performance of materials, especially the liquidity, to create good conditions that obtain high quality castings.


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