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chromium carbide overlay plate improve the service life of mining excavator bucket

The big problem for mining industry is the service life of the bucket. The bucket is the main working parts of excavator, and have to transport millions of tons of ore and coal mining each year. Bucket have to subject high impact and strong wear from materials during the operation, the inside lining plate was seriously worn out and need to be replaced after 3-4 months, lining plate repair and replacement of bucket is always an important work of the open pit coal mining, with very heavy work intensity ,and high repair cost.

Bucket failure analysis showed that material abrasive wear is the main reason for bucket failure, according to the study on the wear mechanism, abrasive wear of metal material surface can be greatly reduced when surface hardness of metal materials Hm is equal to or greater than the abrasive material.

Jiangsu Caster Metallurgical Equipment Co.,Ltd produce high wear resistant chromium carbide overlay plate by do welding on the steel plate using open arc welding process, the biggest characteristic of this welding method is high welding efficiency and high alloy composition. The micro-structure of surfacing layer is martensite, austenite and a large number of dispersed Cr7C3 type carbides, CCO plate can be cut, punching, welding, bending, rolling.


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